IES-Incubator and Accelerator (IES-INCA) is a strategic initiative by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to support engineers in technopreneurship and new technology business ventures.

IES-INCA is uniquely designed to focus on engineers, engineering and deep-tech. Today, most tech accelerators in Singapore focus on business aspect and are driven by margins and time-to-market factors.

IES-INCA is however set up as a platform “by engineers for engineers” by The Institute of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to help promote and support enterpreneurial engineers who have deep tech innovations to be successful in commercialising their innovation.

From the board of directors to its operations team, IES-INCA speaks the same language and understand the needs of engineers and technopreneurs so that its mentors can guide and advise on necessary technical, financial and business developments needed for products and services to be successfully commercialised.

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