About Dare To Transform Program

About Dare To Transform Program

in Oct 10, 2021

IES-INCA has launched its Dare to Transform Program in order to provide better support to technopreneurs and engineering and technology SMEs.

Desired Outcomes:

1. To engage Engineering and Technology SMEs (ETS) and help find new areas to grow and scale based on technology.

2. To engage Engineering and Technology SMEs (ETS) through a consultancy panel, and to put them on a path of growth through strategic planning and business process changes.


Engineering and Technology SMEs (ETS) must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding 

Value Proposition:

Provides the following through a pool of experienced mentors:

  1. Business ‘Health Check’ & ‘Innovation Check’
  2. Review & Develop current Business Strategy
  3. Review & Improve current Business processes
  4. Conduct Job review & Re-design to Optimise Human Capital

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Example Process:

  1. Engineering & Technology SMEs meet with our consultants to share the current state of their business and challenges, as well as business aspirations.
  2. Upon interest and match of capabilities, ETS engages the Consultants for a diagnostic session to deep dive, and design plans to identify and implement new areas of growth.
  3. The consultants will help to identify suitable grants or other funding opportunities to support the new potential project(s).
  4. From these consultations, suitable projects will be initiated within the companies to create change, and put companies on a new path for business performance.
  5. Wherever possible, should companies see opportunities to create spinoffs to go after high growth potential or other entrepreneurial opportunities in deep tech, then IES-INCA will support these spin offs accordingly.

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Our Consultants Panel:

1. Mr Jeremy Peh

Jeremy has over 25 years of work experience in engineering and management position covering design & engineering, global logistics, research & development, and business development across various industries. Jeremy is deeply involved in the local SME space due to his interest in imparting his knowledge to entrepreneurs in Business Development, Intellectual Properties, Corporate Branding and Franchising to help them scaling up their operations. Since 2010, he has co-founded various companies including ABBA Consulting, i2p Ventures, FEGO Biotech, amongst others. His key role in these companies is business development. He is the managing partner and co-founder of Trugem Capital which invests in high-tech companies.

Jeremy has a passion in training. He has trained more than 1,000 professionals on Critical Thinking and people skills during his free time.

2. Mr Leong Siew Why

Siew Why is an Expert Singapore Certified Management Consultant, certified by TUV SUD PSB, in the areas of Action Learning and Workplace Learning. He has provided business consultancy for many SMEs in the Engineering related industry and technology start-ups as well as an IES-INCA Mentor. He is passionate about training the next generation of Engineering and Business leaders as well as guiding SME companies on the path of growth.

He has more than 13 years experience in a Japanese MNC dealing with Instrumentation & Controls in the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Power Plant industry, 11 years experience in Corp Services in a Main Board Listed Company in the Pulp & Construction Industry. In addition, he has accumulated more than 20 years experience as an Action Learning practitioner with application for workplace learning, start-up mentoring and training.

3. Mr Jason Loh

Jason Loh is an innovator at heart with a mission to drive the growth of companies through the power of intellectual property. He is an advocate of the active utilisation of intangible assets and is an expert in developing brand and growth strategies for companies through global IP strategies, IP monetisation, IP risk aversions, technology IP innovations and anchoring intellectual property to business strategies.

Mr Loh has created the world’s first IP innovation start-up competition, IPHatch, which runs in Singapore, Hong Kong and is expanding fast in Asia. Over the past two years, Piece Future has invested in more than 10 start-ups, with many more coming up through the IPHatch investment pipeline. Together with two renowned bankers, Mr Loh further established an IP-focused venture capital firm, which has been granted a licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to invest in promising companies to accelerate their growth. As such, Piece Future encompasses the IP innovation ecosystem, including its innovation platform (IPHatch), venture capital firm, start-up incubator and its co-working space connections with many supporting partners and organisations in the start-up landscape.

Mr Loh is an activist for IP commercialisation and innovation. He is director of the International IP Commercialisation Council Singapore, executive adviser for Asia to the United Kingdom’s Institute of Innovation Knowledge Exchange, managing partner of i2P Ventures (a start-up incubator) and partner of True Vine Capital Partners Pte Ltd.

4. Mr Lim Song Joo

Lim Song Joo (better known in the industry as SJ Lim), is a certified PMC, as well as a Business Excellence Consultant accreditated by SPRING Singapore. SJ is a passionate advocateur leveraging on people skills to help steer individuals and businesses onto a successful path.

SJ Lim is the founder of BWG that offers niche consultancy and services. He is a seasoned professional in the Hi-Tech Electronics & Semiconductor industry, brings with him to BWG vast experience in green field client acquisition and market development, proven key account development and management skills, business process re-engineering advisory and asset valuation and appraisals.

5. Randall Sie

Randall helps companies translate their ideas into value and into customers hands. He is an innovative professional with extensive experience in ideating and developing value propositions in a wide variety of industries and geographies. His interests lie both in digital and deeptech technology commercialization.

A former strategy & management consultant, university lecturer and innovator, Randall is able to assist organizations in general strategy development and implementation, technology commercialization, team building and (innovation) training. A customer-focus mindset has always been Randall’s strength irrespective of the title or industry. Whether it is B2B, B2C or Randall-2-Student, the focus is always on identifying the unique needs and enabling growth with a customized and personal touch.

Randall currently runs Persistensie Pte. Ltd. – a strategy & innovation consultancy based in Singapore. Randall is an adjunct lecturer at the National University of Singapore and a co-founder of a 3D printing company Structo Pte. Ltd. He actively mentors young entrepreneurs.

6. Mr. Eric Tan

Eric is a Singapore Chartered Accountant (ISCA) and Singapore Certified Management Consultant (TUV SUD).

He was previously an auditor with PwC Singapore and later joined SPRING SEEDS Capital, a venture fund wholly owned by SPRING SIngapore,  as a Senior Investment Manager. Prior to starting his consultancy practice, he also served as the CFO for a local SME in the fast growing Tourism IT space, helping them to expand their business operations to the Philippines and instrumental in raising more than $7mil in private equity funding for the Company.

He has extensive experience in the various aspects of human capital development, financial management, risk management and investment structuring. Eric is also a track instructor for the Lean LaunchPad programme, supported by National Research Foundation, for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU). Eric consults for Companies from SMEs to listed companies, helping them improve their capabilities and fund raising. He also provides grant advisory for his clients, helping them to secure government assistance for their projects. 

7. Er. LOI KS

Mr. Loi started his career with multinational refinery and petrochemical companies for 29 years.  He has extensive experiences in managing the company start up and re-engineering, operations, financial control, process control and design, process optimization, production planning, safety management, risk assessments, logistics, quality control, project management, marketing and commercial pricing, due diligence on targeted M&A companies and liaison with authorities for licenses.  

He has assumed the role of senior management positions for more than 20 years in the Energy Sector and has turned a non-operable chemical plant into a profitable entity by retrofitting and re-engineering the set up. As a plant general manager and commercial director, he has played an instrumental role leading the team successfully in starting up a few different chemical plants from green field and expansion projects.  He has also assisted in performing due diligence to acquire a chemical company and advising SME and start-ups on corporate finance related projects. He is a qualified Professional Engineer, MBA in Finance, Singapore Certified Energy Manager, Chartered Engineer (Energy Engineering), Certified Fire Safety Manager, Certified Confined Space Assessor and Certified ISO9002 Internal Auditor. He has been actively involved in Taskforce and Advisory Committee initiated by the authorities in the Energy Industry.

Mr. Loi strongly believes that perseverance is the key success factors in whatever endeavor involved. He seeks to apply “80/20 Rule” by  identifying the critical tasks that are necessary for the greatest achievement in contributing to the bottom-line of the projects he managed. His humble, easy-going attitude, enable him to interact well with people from all walk of life.

8. Mr Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng is a certified management consultant (TUVSUD) and innovation specialist on technology intelligence, tech transfer, innovation strategy, and IP strategy. He advises enterprises on the formulation of technology business plan, product strategy and entrepreneurship.  

Patrick has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and product management experience, and six years of experience in management consultancy in areas of Innovation and IP, technology scouting. He runs a management consultancy agency, Spark Launchpad, that specialises in scouting and assessment of emerging technology, formulating innovation strategies, open innovation approaches, collaboration brokerage, customer discovery, new product development, technology roadmap, innovation canvas and others.  

As a former Principal Technology Manager at IPI Singapore, he foster more than 30 co-innovation projects, and build a data analytics platform and practise with a series B startup as a former Head of R&D. He is also an inventor having filed 12 patents filings in his engineering career.

9. Ms Karen Lur

Karen brings on board over 25 years of experience in both human resource consulting as well as human resource management across varied sector. Karen’s vast experience in human capital development includes reviewing, development and implementation of progressive human resources practices such as competency framework, compensation and benefits, performance management, learning and development, talent management, leadership assessment and coaching to grow Organisational capability.

Prior to working independently, Karen held a Director role with Manulife Insurance Singapore. This was preceded by a tenure with Manpower Asia Pac Office as the Regional HR Manager overseeing the human resource function in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines Thailand, India, Hong Kong and China.

Since 2015,  Karen has been supporting mainly local enterprises and MNCs in building their capabilities in human capital. She is also a SPRING/ESG appointed Skills Future Mentor and is part of ESG Panel of Expert supporting local enterprises on a SCALE-Up programme to elevate their human resource capabilities to scale globally. To-date, Karen has assisted more than 40 local enterprises in precision engineering, logistics, advance manufacturing, Technology, Professional Services to elevate their HR  capability through developing, implementing and training the HODs progressive HR practices to enhance their Talent attraction and growth resulting in stronger organisational capability.

Karen is an ICF Trained Coach and she has since  provide leadership coaching to the senior management level on leadership development and career transition. She is certified  as a Senior Professional by IHRP and  by TUV SUD as a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant (PSCMC)

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For any enquiries, contact us at incubate@ies-inca.com