Build your Software Cost Effectively using an Outsourcing/ Offshoring Strategy

Build your Software Cost Effectively using an Outsourcing/ Offshoring Strategy

in Jun 26, 2020

IES-INCA has consolidated a panel of companies who specialise in getting software systems off the ground using out of Singapore resources. Reach out them to know how to manage offshore/outsourcing development, and what are the best practices to ensure asuccessful OnO software development.

1. Gilbert Neo, Applabx –

Gilbert has many years’ experience in solving inefficient and ineffective hiring and human resource problem in Vietnam, helping startups, SMEs and MNCs find top-quality tech, talents and team in Vietnam, and building tech teams; and scaling up in offshore offices in Vietnam.

About AppLabX

AppLabx is an innovative technology consultancy in Singapore aiming to revolutionise the digital landscape. They specialise in the three pillars of services: Platform, Marketing and Analytics.

2. Buta Singh, CEO, –

Buta Singh is CEO at Workfall. For more than a decade, Buta has helped various startups, SMEs and MNCs build digital products spanning the entire spectrum of domains from finance to logistics and healthcare. Given his passion for designing software architectural solutions, Buta fancies himself as a techie more than an entrepreneur.


Workfall is home to the best AWS professionals in the industry. It lets you hire top AWS-certified talents, remotely and on-demand starting at as less as 16 hours. There are no lock-ins or long-time commitments so you don’t have to worry about recurring paychecks. Workfall deploys a very stringent entry-criteria for its professionals which ensures that you get to work with only the very best professionals.

3. Sooraj Jayaraman, Perfomatix –

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of Perfomatix Solutions a Technology innovation lab, a global technology company that comes with a group of change makers who focuses on bringing innovation from futuristic perspective to help customers ranging from startups to enterprises to innovate in their area of business. Also a CTO for some startups in Singapore.

About Perfomatix

Perfomatix is a full stack engineering company focused on high quality AGILE product development starting from blueprinting and wireframing to deployments at scale. We partner with global enterprises, helping them to apply innovation in every facet of business.

4. Andrew Chan, Wonder –

Andrew has over 28 years of work experience in the general management in particular sales, operations, IT development and talent management in the electronics, staffing and internet services sectors. He is the SVP Solutions with Wonder. He got 20 years of General Management experience, 18 years of Recruitment and Talent Management experience, and15 years of Software and Product experience.

About Wonder

Wonder ( is a leading HR and technology service provider. We help companies to build and manage software development teams and software applications. Today, we have over 350+ tech talents under management in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. Our clients range from early stage startups to large enterprise and government-sector clients. We specialize on enterprise or business facing applications and requirements.