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March 26, 2021
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Jointly organised by Enterprise Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Deal Friday is a platform for dealmaking opportunities. 

As the world continues to urbanise, converging on ever-growing cities, the Built Environment sector continues to grow and innovate. As a key pillar of Singapore’s economy, collectively accounting for almost 5% of GDP and 11% of total employment, it presents opportunities for innovation in the use of building materials, facilities management and vast infrastructure needs.

While innovating the way buildings and infrastructure are being created, sustainability is also an important topic for the future of the economy, leading to the emergence of efficiency and sustainability solutions embedded within the Built Environment space and shaping the future dynamics of the industry.

Join us as we showcase some of our incubates actively driving innovation, with some also creating sustainability solutions, in the Built Environment. Don’t miss this chance to interact directly with startup founders and network with ecosystem in this space!

IES-INCA is a key organizing partner of this session.

Click HERE to register.

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