Launch of the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA)

Launch of the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA)

in Jun 19, 2020

The Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association launched the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA) in October 2018. VIMA provides a set of model agreements for use in seed rounds and early stage financing that serves to cut down on transaction costs and reduce friction during the negotiating process. The VIMA suite of documents are available for free download at and comprises:

  • Lexicon
  • Convertible Agreement Regarding Equity (CARE)
  • Term Sheet
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

The VIMA Handbook, launched on 29 May 2020, is an online handbook that complements the VIMA forms. This handbook is a compendium of practical and user-friendly articles catered for the startup doing its first CARE or Series A financing, to the more experienced investor and practitioner looking for an instructive refresher. The handbook will take the reader through the process of fundraising, starting with an overview to articulate the key motivations of investors and founders, to the more technical aspects of legal documentation and related practical tips. There are also articles on tax and valuation to present a holistic view of the concepts relevant to the entire fundraising process. Register here.

The Singapore Academy of Law has launched a five-part webinar series on early-stage venture capital fundraising, “VIMA Series in Early-Stage Fundraising”. These 5 modules will provide a deep-dive into a comprehensive range of topics related to early-stage venture capital fundraising for startups, aspiring venture capitalists and legal advisers. The curriculum has been curated to provide participants with sufficient knowledge required to undertake a fundraising deal, and the expectations needed to ensure that every deal results in a win-win outcome for all parties.

•    Course dates: 24 July 2020 • 28 August 2020 • 21 September 2020 • 23 October 2020 • 6 November 2020

•     Price per module: $96.30

•     Bundle price for 5 modules: $428 (11% discount) and receive a Certificate of Completion

•     For more information and registration, please click here.

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