IES-Incubator and Accelerator (IES-INCA) is a strategic initiative by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to support engineers in technopreneurship.

IES-INCA is a platform “by engineers for engineers”. It is part of the Instituition of Engineers, Singapore (IES), and promotes and supports entrepreneurial engineers. We support engineers with deep tech innovations, in successfully commercialising their products and services.

From our board of directors to our operations team, IES-INCA speaks the same language and understands the needs of engineers and technopreneurs. IES-INCA mentors advise on necessary technical, financial and business developments; and unlike other accelerators, there is emphasis on quality engineering, rather than just business aspects.

IES-INCA incubates new technology companies that are in the process of scaling up. Technopreneurs can tap upon the rich experience industry and finance experts, to build a comprehensive and sustainable business.

IES-INCA also supports fund-raising efforts; our goal is to put each incubatee in the best position to pursue opportunities in both local and international markets.


To support Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) supports ventures in engineering translation, accelerating products to market and achieve success


A vibrant engineering venture and entrepreneur community and transforms lives through innovation and technology

Board of Directors

Mr. Khew Teck Fook, Edwin

Mr. Khew is noted for his significant contributions to Singapore's CleanTech, Sustainability, and Manufacturing industries. He played a leading role in one of the first CleanTech incubators / accelerators in Singapore in 2013.

Foo Kim Peng

Prof. Foo Kim Peng

Prof. Foo is the Chairman of the IES Technopreneurship Development Committee (TDC). He was the Director of the LTA up till 2013, and he's both an engineer (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - NUS) and a Harvard Business graduate.

Teo Ser Luck

Mr. Teo Ser Luck

Mr. Teo is the founder of Nufin Data, a key provider of payment and financing options for SMEs in Singapore. He was the former Parliamentary Secretary at MCYS in 2008, and a general partner in several VC funds.

Er. Chong Kee Sen

Er. Chong is past President of the Institution of Engineers (IES) Singapore. He remains an active member, and has served for close to 10 years of the IES Council. He is a leading figure in many land reclamation and soil improvement projects, as well as other key infrastructural projects in Singapore.

Prof. Neo Kok Beng

Prof. Neo is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (IES) Singapore. He is a passionate tech entrepreneur, and a Venture Capitalist specialising in new product development and commercialisation. He is currently on the seat of several major advisory panels, including the Singapore Government's Parliamentary Committee.

Dr. Alex Lin

Dr. Lin is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at NTU ventures. He is a modeler for Icora Asia, a leading business advisory firm. Dr. Lin headed SG Innovate from 2013 until 2017, and has also headed ST Engineering Ventures.

Executive Team

Andy Wee, General Manager

Experienced engineer in product design, specialise in guiding venture leaders to bring the team and resources together to realise their technopreneurial mission.