Incubatee Showcase

in Apr 08, 2021

Ecoliving –
Proven Cutting-Edge Technologies for keeping Workplace and Homes Air, Water and Surfaces free from Disease, Virus, Toxic and harmful Pathogens

Factorem –
One stop portal for quality parts, fabricated with confidence and speed from the best manufacturers in Southeast Asia

Antbuildz –
The “” of equipment rental, Singapore First and Largest

Singapore’s First and Largest online equipment rental platform that enables the contractor to search, compare and rent all ranges of construction equipment in just a few clicks. Contact for more info.

Cleanheight Robotics –
Automated Robotics Facade Cleaning Services

Looking for Building Owners, Facilities Management Companies, Cleaning Companies to provide the services. Contact for more information

See the MakidiBot in action!

Lumani –
Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ambient Management Plaform for enabling Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) with best cost, performance enabling a optimal working environment

Looking for building owners, ESCO companies, facilities management companies who want to collaborate to enable many more building to reach Greenmark SLEB status. For more information, contact:

Achieve savings on energy usage EVEN in crowded office environment seamlessly!

Solustar –
Automated self cleasing disinfectant robot and concierge robot solutions

Need to constantly sanitise your facilities due to concerns over viruses and keeping your offices in tip top condition? Solustar has the SDR solution to assist building owners, facilities managers, cleaning companies keep the air and surroundings well sanistised with minimal manpower and leFor more information, contact: