in Apr 27, 2020

IES-INCA has joined partnership with IPHATCH on IPHATCH Open Innovation Challenge, a series events on IPHatch Challenge Briefings.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, all the upcoming briefings will be held online as a series of LIVE WEBINARS for now.

Each of these LIVE WEBINARS would involve:

– A deep dive into the patent portfolios from Nokia and Panasonic

– Sharing on the possible commercial usages of the portfolios

– Addressing any burning queries that you might have about the Challenge

– An overview on business modelling and pitch deck preparation

Join the live webinar on 6 May on ZOOM!

For further queries regarding this newest edition of IPHATCH SG, please contact IPHatch@piecefuture.com

IPHatch® is an open-innovation challenge looking for enthusiastic startups and entrepreneurs that ambitiously want to scale their businesses to greater heights by incorporating the use of intellectual property and technology portfolios from renowned companies. For more information about IPHATCH, refer to: https://www.iphatchday.com/